Aberdeen Fish for Trash

Fish for Trash Day: Sunday 29 July 2018

In order to raise public awareness about the terrible marine trash floating in Hong Kong’s waters, Save Aberdeen Harbour Alliance is passionate about educating and conserving the Aberdeen shipyard and harbour.

During their event, Save Aberdeen Harbour Alliance called for compassionate volunteers to join this free event by collecting the surrounding trash in the ocean. Numerous volunteer tankless divers joined Ghost Net Hunter Harry Chan to participate in one of the dirtiest cleanups in Aberdeen Harbour.


The Aberdeen Fish For Trash event also requested the assistance of non-diving volunteers too, that’s how V Cycle got involved with the harbour clean up! We contributed to this worthy event by helping to separate and collect PET bottles for recycling. Currently, it is worthwhile to educate the public on the harmful impact of plastics and the importance of recycling, but we hope that, with events like these, in the future single-use plastic waste will be completely eliminated, so that places like Aberdeen Harbour will be kept clean and trash-free.