environmental education

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Littering has become far too common in Hong Kong. The lack of responsibility has lead to the pollution of streets, beaches, hiking trails, festivals and even marathons that are held in the city. The everyday hustle of the Hong Kong and both major and minor events all require an extensive clean-up crew to manage waste, which could be avoided if individuals felt accountable for their own trash.


the lack of know-how

Hong Kong’s ecological problems are not far or few - along with our plastic problem we are facing issues with air pollution, monumental food waste and the need for renewable energy. Whilst the government urges people to recycle and be responsible, there is a distinct lack of incentive or means to do so. While a peppy TV spot might remind people to be environmentally conscious, it doesn’t give the general public the tools to act.

Even those who have the motivation to recycle are met with issues. First, they may not have easy access to a recycling bin, others may have access, however, do not properly understand the system and end up placing the item in the wrong bin which can lead to contamination. However, the worst issue of them all is the public's lack of confidence that their waste will even be processed for recycling - so they don’t bother at all.


what we're doing

Our team at V Cycle are trying out a more hand on approach. We believe that by interacting with the public directly, we can more effectively inspire a change of habits. With our range of workshops, seminars and roadshows our main goals are the raise awareness of Hong Kong’s ecological and social problems, promote plastic reduction, foster responsible recycling habits and repurpose plastics.

Thought these we are able to pass on knowledge, provide resources and bring a new outlook to environmental consciousness. Apart from connecting with the general public, we have a special interest in working with students in both primary and university level schools to instil these practices at a young age. We also work with corporations, with many Hong Kong-ers spending a large amount of time in the office, these practices are just as crucial at work as they are at home.

We are always looking for new ways to educate and innovate, on top of that we welcome volunteers to assist in our mission, if you’re looking to get involved, please get in touch with us at