JGI x Green Dragons

Dragon Boat Festival Organized by The Jane Goodall Institute

In March 2018, The Jane Goodall Institute launched a new joint venture with Green Dragons Hong Kong to reduce single-use plastic waste in Hong Kong.

The dragon boat festival is one of the most celebrated of Hong Kong’s festivals. Regrettably, however, every year a lot of plastic waste is left behind once the festivities are over. Hong Kong’s beaches and ocean suffer from the amount of litter that is left behind once dragon boat rowers and event viewers return to their homes.


With the leadership of the Jane Goodall Institute and Green Dragons, their event helped raise awareness on the harmful impact of single-use plastic waste and encouraged festival participants to think more on their waste consumption and to reuse and recycle more diligently in the future.

V Cycle was proud to be included in the event, we contributed by setting up a mobile recycling station to educate and showcase the proper way of recycling plastic bottles. A huge thank you to the Jane Goodall Institute and their volunteers, who were especially helpful and made the event a success!