circular economy

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the impact

The ease of convenience has had a great impact on the amount of waste we produce. Once you notice all the plastic used to wrap produce in the supermarket, the takeaway boxes from food delivery and the wall to wall shelving of disposable drink bottles, it is hard to ignore.

Unfortunately, 90% of Hong Kong’s throw-a-way bottles sit in a landfill, out of sight and out of mind. A mere 6% is recycled or repurposed, while the other can be found 4% cluttering street corners or poisoning our oceans. With Hong Kong producing around 3.7 million tonnes of waste a year and 13 landfills at full capacity, our window for change is only getting smaller.


a second chance

V Cycle is putting PET bottle recycling bins and reverse vending machines all around HK, here people can give their used plastic bottles to be recycled into reusable goods, giving these products a second life. We have chosen to work with local and global brands to upcycle waste and reduce the need for virgin materials; these brands use their existing platforms to raise awareness and support for our cause.

We must remember, that recycling is only a short-term solution to redirect plastic from landfills or oceans, it is a way to reuse plastic that has already been made, and to reduce the demand for new plastic to be produced. Our long-term goal is to irradicate the use of plastic entirely, but small steps like these can lead to big change.

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100% rPET Textile Products

Available for corporate branding

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Our yarn and fabric are certified by the Global Recycled Standard. The GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.


Benefits of rPET fabric compared to other materials


Water Usage Reduction

rPET production uses 80% less water
than virgin nylon and polyester


Less Energy Consumption

Compared to virgin polyester production, rPET has 70% less energy consumption


Lower Carbon Footprint

rPET leaves 50% less carbon
footprint than organic cotton overall.



With support from our corporate partners, V Cycle develops programs which encourage consumers to return their end-of-life products and keep plastic in a closed loop.



Our programme is designed to empower everyone along the way. With Hong Kong's community of Waste Pickers, we have teamed up with them and have made them responsible for a handful of our V Cycle reverse vending machines or recycling bins in their area. By providing them with your plastic bottles you can be confident that what you donate will be recycled whilst also helping to ease the workload of elderly Waste Pickers.

We will be collecting your PET bottles to be made into reusable bags, hats, umbrellas, fabrics and yarn. Every piece will be created by the needy or those with special needs, providing them with an opportunity in the workforce and a chance to learn new skills. These sustainable products can be purchased online or be custom made into corporate gifts. We specifically collaborate with local and global brands to upcycle waste and reduce the need for virgin materials.