Poverty Alleviation


the societal aspect

Our environment impact directly affects us on a human level too, but Hong Kong’s predicament is uniquely distressing from the rest of the worlds. The job of recycling most of Hong Kong’s waste has fallen on the elderly, who are forced to rummage through waste bins to find plastic or cardboard scraps. The average Waste Picker is a woman between 60 - 89 years old, on a good day she earns a mere $24 HKD.

With little opportunity to support themselves, they are forced to labour for over 8 hours a day in order to afford their next meal. They are an integral part of Hong Kong’s ability to salvage plastics and paper for recycling, however, they are not provided government support or praise for their arduous work. At their most vulnerable state, they are ignored by the public. We believe that the decrease in human interaction has resulted in a lack of care and compassion for the people around us.


Waste Pickers are responsible for gathering approximately 193 tonnes of cardboard a day


care & compassion

At V Cycle, we have committed our time to the understanding of the working and living conditions of such Waste Pickers. We’re working to provide the basic tools and means to alleviate hardship in their work.

With our current model, all sales we make from our reusable items go back to supporting these men and women, hoping to provide them with a substantially higher quality of living. With 70% of Waste Pickers living alone, not only does a friendly face help brighten their day, but we are able to provide them with financial support.