Yale x HK Clean Up

Cleaning Up Rubbish Bay

A remote bay in Cape D’Aguliar has been dubbed Lap Sap Wan, which literally translates to ‘Rubbish Bay’. Its name is appropriate as this small beach is unfortunately filled with litter and plastic waste daily.

V Cycle collaborated with Yale Day of Service for a huge mass beach clean up. The scores of rubbish and litter highlight the irresponsible use of plastic waste in Hong Kong and how our marines and oceans are suffering because of it.

During the cleanup, we were able to collect 25 large bags of PET bottles from Lap Sap Wan, which means the plastic collected will not make its way back into the ocean. We also organised the transportation of these plastic bottles to a recycler in Sheng Shui, who then recycled the collected bottles into plastic flakes before being transforming them into rPET reusable tote bags for V Cycle’s 10 Tonne Challenge.

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