Founded in October 2017, V Cycle is tackling Hong Kong’s environmental issues on two levels; ecological and social. By coupling them, we can empower the underprivileged and protect the natural world.

Our mission is to stop plastic from polluting our environment by educating companies, schools and the public on waste reduction. Plastic stays within the loop by recycling them into raw materials or contemporary products that everyone could use; businesses, individuals alike! We will create jobs in Hong Kong and provide care for the underprivileged living in poverty through waste collection and recycling. 

Important collaboration between UNITY ONE 聚沙成塔 & V CYCLE

The birth of the 10 Tonne Challenge

In October 2018, V Cycle initiated a charity campaign focusing on plastic bottles collection and poverty alleviation; the 10 Tonne Challenge. Since the launch of the event, we have effectively diverted multitudes of plastic bottles from our landfills and natural habitat to help reduce waste in Hong Kong. We have invited four elderly cardboard grannies to participate in the campaign and help us to sort plastic bottles by colour in a safe and caring environment, and even have them earn extra income.

We aim to recycle the collected bottles and upcycle them into creative, multi-purpose bags. The sewing and stitching process will create job opportunities for rehabilitation participants. Proceeds from the sales of the bags will go towards improving the lives of many other cardboard grannies.

In collaboration with Unity One Charitable Association 聚沙成塔慈善團體, we set up a ‘LOVE & CARE’ group where members and volunteers from both organisations established an in-depth understanding of the working and living conditions of the cardboard grannies. We are now providing a better source of income and working conditions for them to alleviate poverty and enhance their lives.